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Mini football format & rules

July 31, 2011 in junior info

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Mini Football is a modified small-sided version of the 11-a-side game. It gives children the chance to play real football, for a real team, whilst experiencing an enjoyable and fun introduction to football in a safe and supervised environment.

There is no competitive league, or knock-out cup competition. Involving Mini Football – the game itself will be a sufficient challenge for the children. The results of games are not to be published


Small-sided games have been played for hundreds of years in the street, the playground, or on the beach and many professional teams use them as the basis for their coaching. Format of the Game in Gwent is as follows:

Under 6s and  Under 7s
4 a side games,  size 3 ball 6ft pop up goals, 30 x 20yards  max size pitch, no goal area
Under 8s
5 a side games, size 3 ball 12×6 goals, 30 x 20yards max size pitch,  goal area 5 yards from goal line
Under 9s
6 a side games, size 3 ball, 12×6 goals, 40 x 30 yards max size pitch, goal area 8 yards from goal line
Under 10s
7 a side games, size 4 ball, 12×6 goals, 60 x 40 yards max size pitch, goal area 10 yards from goal line
Under 11s
8 a side games, size 4 ball, 12×6 goals, 60 x 40 yards max size pitch, goal area  5 yards from goal line

Role on role off substitutes can be used in games with the permision of the game leader.
The goal area is marked across the field from touchline to touchline, unlike a penalty box in the full size game.

Mini football – some specific rules
  • Goalkeeper
    • The goalkeeper can handle the ball in their goal area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take holding the ball.
    • The goalkeeper can leave the goal area but cannot handle the ball outside the penalty area.
    • The Under 10 and under 11 goalkeeper may only throw the ball out after it is picked up. Under 7, 8, 9 goalkeepers can kick the ball out of hands if picked up.
  • Goal Kicks
    • Under 7s, 8s and 9s can either throw or kick the ball out of their hands, from anywhere in the goal area.
    • Under 10s and 11s must kick the baall off the ground from anywhere in the goal area.
  • Corner Kicks, Free Kicks and Penalties
    • All free kicks are indirect. There are NO penalties.
    • Opponents must be 3 yards away from free kicks, goal kicks and corners.
  • Game Leader
    • Is to supervise the game in a flexible way from the side of the playing area.


The use of buffer zones alongside all mini pitches has been introduced.

  1. The  buffer zone runs parallel to pitch, ideally 2 metres from both touchlines, a smaller buffer zone can be used where space doesn’t allow 2 metres.
  2. The buffer zone should be marked by cones or additional marked line, or a Respect Barrier
  3. Only players, designated coaches and 1st Aider allowed within zone.
  4. All other spectators must watch from behind the buffer zone lines. NO spectators are allowed to stand on the goal line or behind the goal
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