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Player Licences 2011-12

August 21, 2011 in Player Licences 2010-11

All Junior players in  U9s, U10s, and U11s must have a green players licence from the East Gwent AFL (new players) or Gwent County FA (existing players) in order to play in games.

  1. Junior Players must be 7-10 years old as at 31st August 2011, and attending a Primary School in season 2010/11.
  2. Junior Licences will be issued to junior players living outside the boundary of the Gwent FA who live within 50km of the club.
  3. Junior Licences will not be issued to any player under Seven years old at 31st August 2011 – see note below
  4. The cost of a green players licence is paid by the club.
  5. The licence remains the property of the player. It is held by the club until the player leaves the club and then must be handed back to the player.
  6. For each player TWO licence cards are needed and these must be completed in full by the team manager and signed by the player.Forms MUST be completed IN BLACK INK ONLY
  7. Two passport style photographs are required. Please write name on th back and attach to the licence cards.
  8. When the player moves up to a U12s, a yellow licence needs to be applied for.

please note:-

  • An U7 player cannot play in an U8s team, unless he/she is registered to the U8 only –  the player will need to have a green licence.
  • An U11 player cannot play in a U12 team, because they need to be 11 years old at 31st Augist 2010 and attending a secondary school in the 2010/11 season.
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