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March 11, 2010 in Playing across borders

To All Members

September 2009 – Border issues update
Great News! FIFA regulations allow junior players to play across national borders (England & Wales). These regulations take precedence over FAW and Gwent County FA regulations. Players aged 12 to 16 need international clearance to play. Players under 12 years of age do not need international clearance. All players need to live within 50km of the club and still need to be licensed and registered. The club will sort out international clearance for any 12-16 year old player living across the border in Gloucestershire. Our club would like to thank the East Gwent League for their tremendous support in getting this resolved.

July 2009 – Border issues update
Please note that players living in Tutshill, Sedbury, Beachley area (NP16 7)with existing Gwent FA player licences and registered by this club with the league in season 2008/09 will be allowed to continue playing football until the end of the U16s season. However, new players living over the border will not be able play. The club is working with the East Gwent league to have all barriers removed.

JUNE 2009- Important news – Border issues
On Thursday 11 June 2009 there was a special meeting of the East Gwent league and it’s affiliated junior clubs,to discuss action following Gwent County FA ruling that junior/youth players (U8 to U16) living in England with Monmouthshire post codes can no longer register or play for the East Gwent League next season.

At the meeting, the league were given a mandate from the clubs to fight the Gwent County FA on this ruling including any subsequent appeal to the Welsh FA.

# Sedbury, Beachley, Tutshill etc are all part of the Chepstow community.
# Children from this part of the community have been playing football in East Gwent League/Gwent CountyFA area and the older/former associations for a very long time.
# The Gwent County have issued licences to players with Monmouthshire postcodes just over the border in England for considerable time.
# Adults who live in this part of the community can play amateur football in Gwent County affiliated leagues, but children cannot!!
# Chidren from this part of the community can play football for Welsh schools, but cannot play in Wales for Junior/Youth clubs with their school mates!

Our club together with the league and other clubs believe it is outrageous to prevent children playing football with their friends in the local community.

What happened to the UN convention for Childrens Rights (UNCRC)!!

We are very concerned about the welfare implications of telling children who have been playing for some time that they can no longer play football.

Parent quote ‘My son will be devastated’

The policy of government and national sports bodies is to encourage more children to take up sport and live a healthier lifestyle, not to prevent children from playing sport.

‘It is important that Children are not denied opportunities to play sport’ Chepstow councillor

The new ruling has a much wider impact than affecting children living in this part of the community. It has a wide impact on football throughout Chepstow and Monmouthshire. Many clubs will be affected!

# Clubs need to have enough players to form teams otherwise. More players living in Wales will also go without football!
# Teams will loose coaches from this part of the community – if these volunteers are lost more children go without football!
# League age groups will not be able to form with fewer teams!

‘I coach a squad of players, but if my son can no longer play there will be no coach for the players living in Wales’.
It is ludicrous that I can play for an adult team in Gwent, but my son cannot’. Coach living in Sedbury

It is likely this story will appear in the press. Please let other parents/players who do not have access to the internet. The league, our club and other clubs are working together to get this rule changed. We will keep you all updated as the fight progresses. We want all these players to continue to play football with our club.

Yours in sport
The Committee

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