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and how the community built a football pitch.

Garden City U14s Season 1956-57

Garden City U14s Season 1956-57

The team’s first season was 1956/57 where it entered the Caldicot and District Under 14 League. The team was successful in winning the league title in its first season, together with reaching the final of the knockout cup, loosing 1-0 to Caerwent. The final was played on Chepstow Town’s ground, which was where the Tesco supermarket is now located.

The team played in Black and amber shirts and during the first season there were no changing facilities. Visiting teams came already changed or managed to change in whatever available transport they had. The Murdens and Teddy Jones grandfather’s houses, both located on Hughes Crescent with back alley paths leading to the field, were regularly used as changing rooms for members of the Garden City team.

Community effort to build a football field.


The building of the Garden City football field was truly a communal project, with participation and support from almost all Garden City families. There are too many names to mention, but the three most influential individuals were: –

  • Mr Reg Martin: The late Mr Reg Martin was effectively the project manager, organiser and driving force of all the work. He was also the manager of the first ever team.
  • Teddy Jones: It was Teddy’s idea to form a Garden City boy’s team and make the football field. He subsequently formed and recruited all members of the first ever team. Team members came from Garden City, Bulwark, Chepstow, Earlswood and Shirenewton.
  • The Murden Family: (Mrs Murden, sons Ken, Rod, Graham and Robert). The Murden family assumed the role of team administration, involving washing and maintenance of the kit, marking the field (often with sawdust only) and running the line for home games. Graham and Robert continued their support for Garden City teams for many years, graduating to refereeing of Garden City league and friendly games.

To appreciate the scale of the planning, work and effort involved in making the Garden City football field, it is necessary to imagine the geography of today’s ground to what it was like in 1955/56. The area of the road going down to the tunnel entrance to Fairfield Mabey, to where the children’s play area is today was a wooden structure – Royal British Legion’s Club. Immediately in front of the clubhouse was a Bowling Green behind which were one or two derelict tennis courts. The banked area surrounding the field towards the railway line was widely overgrown and until around 1950 was a rubbish landfill site. The area to the left of the road going down to Fairfield (where the new houses are now) was an allotment area for Garden City residents.

Following the closure and move of the British Legion Club from Garden City to Chepstow town centre and the bowling club to Bulwark, the idea of making a football field was sewn! At this stage it was Mr Reg Martin who took the reins and set the plan in motion to extend the Bowling Green to make a football field.

Reg Martin undertook all the legal arrangements to acquire use of the land. He determined how best to remove what was left of the British Legion structure, how to dig up the tennis courts and remove all the debris. The families of Garden City undertook all the work of digging and loading lorries. Mr Martin arranged the lorries, and also organised the build of the goalposts supplied courtesy of Fairfield Shipyard.

At the time this was taking place a green field site in Bulwark (where the athletic club is today) was about to be dug up to supply turf for the football field. Reg Martin was responsible for negotiating the use of the turf and the transport arrangements for moving the turf from Bulwark to Garden City. Once again it was the residents of the local community who carried out the work to level the ground, cut and lay the turf before the grass died. Given the great community effort, the Garden City football field was in place just in time for the grass to nit together before the start of the 1956/57 season.

Clearly, the origin of Garden City Football Club has since provided sporting pleasure for many young children over the past fifty years.

It is now a pleasure for the author of this article(Teddy Jones) to watch his grandson play for and captain one of the many Garden City teams.

Reg Martin’s great grandson also has the pleasure of playing for Garden City.

In addition, Paul Parry a former Garden City player currently plays for Football League Championship side Cardiff City. He plays as a left-winger/striker.

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U14s East Gwent League winners.
U14s East Gwent Cup winners.
U9s Dinsdale Cup winners.
U16s East Gwent League winners.
U9s Dinsdale Cup winners.
U12s: East Gwent League winners.
U12s: East Gwent Cup winners.
U13s: East Gwent Cup winners.
U14s: East Gwent League winners.
U14s: East Gwent Cup winners.
U16s: East Gwent Cup winners.
U18s: Gwent County League cup winners.
U12s: East Gwent league winners.
U16s: East Gwent cup winners.
U12s: East Gwent league cup winners.
U14s: East Gwent league Div 2 winners.
U12s: East Gwent league and cup winners.
U13s: East Gwent league and cup winners.
U14s: East Gwent league winners and cup runners up.

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